Custom motorcycle WHEELS

Koło felga motocyklowa customowa 26 cali
RoadStyler also manufactures motorcycle rims for special orders. We can make any pattern according to the customer’s expectations. Now you can fulfill your dreams using the offer of the Polish manufacturer. You will avoid inconvenient shipments, complaints and costly returns. You have everything in place.

Many of you are asking about the prices of our rims, so I will try to present the approximate costs of such an event. But first a few words of introduction.

To make a custom wheel we need an aluminum blank wheel of the required size (usually imported from the USA), which is why not all sizes will be available in a short period of time. Of course, this blank wheel significantly influences the price of the finished product.

The second important issue is the project. If it is a project that we have previously developed, it’s all OK. The case looks completely different when you need an individual design. The price soars aggressively up. It takes a lot of time to invent and draw a nice pattern. The next days are spent on developing the cutting method, and the next ones on the cutting itself.
From the moment when everything is ready for milling (about 2 weeks later), you need at least a week for CNC machining to get finished wheel. The word “finished” wheel is just a metaphor. The wheel has to be polished – it will take days or week maybe. And now it’s ready for chroming …

I have forgotten about the hubs … they must also be made. And here is a small “but”. It seems that every motorcycle will need a different hub, so unless we have our own studies, we will need dimensions from the customer (you have to visit us by motorcycle or measure your own wheel).

How much will the front chromed wheel cost, with hubs (without a tire)?
Prices for making a wheel with an individual design start from PLN 10,000 and here we are talking about the rims in the incomplete 3D (all pictures below), the inner surface of the wheel from which we will extract the shape is first flat (about 20mm thick). In the case of full 3D rims, the prices above should be multiplied by 2.

Available 2D blank wheels sizes: 16×3.5, 16×5.5, 17×3.5, 17×5.5, 17×6.25, 17×12, 18×3.5, 18×4.25, 18×5.5, 18×8.5, 18×10, 18×10.5, 18×13, 19×2.15, 19×3.0, 20×7.0, 20×10, 21×2.15, 21×3.25, 23×3.75, 26×3.75, 30×4.0.

Of course you can also order polished only wheels (without chrome). The price will fall by maybe a thousand PLN, but is it worth it? Below are the comparison between chrome vs. polished aluminum.

The prices given are only approximate and are subject to change.

Wheel polished only vs. chromed HUB:

21 inch wheel for Honda VTX1800 – polished aluminum:
That’s how it looks 26 inches wheel on a motorcycle … and not just on a motorcycle
I invite you to watch the movie below
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