The time has come to build a motorcycle. On the custom market you can observe two extreme ways: one of them involves buying all available elements and assembling them together, and the other more difficult involves the independent production of each of the possible parts. In this project, we tried to choose something between, i.e. we will convert a ready motorcycle using the largest number of parts made on our own.

As a base, we chose the Harley-Davidson Sportster XL1200 Custom from 2006. More than once the question arises: why? The answer is quite trivial – we just have it in stock, and besides, there was an interesting way to rebuild it.

The way to start the project was not easy and it took several years. It all began with the import of blank aluminum wheels from the USA. Then the right size of the CNC milling machine and the polisher were bulit for their machining. Yes … this is typical for RoadStyler “walking uphill”. I’m one of those who loves to know how it is made? This feature makes life difficult, but also gives you amazing complacency (however that doesn’t sound :).

Let the pictures speak for themselves
A little bit of aluminum milling
It is almost a motorcycle
Watch the movies

The project is underway, so visit us here often to see what will happen next …

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