Terms and Conditions of Sales of RoadStyler Products

I. General Information

1. All items offered for sale on the website www.roadstyler.com are designed and manufactured by SENTOCOM, with its registered office in Włocławek, the owner of the RoadStyler brand, except for Highway-Hawk lights, which are delivered in kits with lightbars manufactured by us.
2. Copying or duplicating products and their pictures is prohibited, unless upon the relevant written consent of SENTOCOM. Some images of motorbikes have been provided to us by customers upon their consent – their copying and publishing is prohibited too, unless upon the consent of the owner.

II. Prices, Orders and Payments

1. The general pricelist is in the “Downloads” section.
2. Orders may be submitted by:
a) Telephone, + 605 201 703, 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., Monday to Friday, except holidays;
b) Email to shop@roadstyler.com at any time;
c) Directly on the website www.roadstyler.com;
d) In person, at the Company’s office, 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., Monday to Friday, except holidays.
3. A user must register to submit orders on www.roadstyler.com. The registration process is initiated when submitting the first order. The customer database is owned exclusively by SENTOCOM and will not be provided to any company or third party.
4. We accept the following payment methods:
a) cash – for orders received in person at the Company’s office in Włocławek;
b) upon receipt of a shipment – only for shipments in Poland;
c) prepayment – ordered products will be dispatched only after the payment is recorded in the account of SENTOCOM. Details for transfers are in the “Contact” section;
d) VISA and MasterCard;
e) PayPal.
5. For foreign shipments, prices are exclusive of local taxes, duties and fees due in the country of destination. The customer is obliged to pay such amounts for himself/herself.

III. Delivery and Dispatch Dates

1. We strive to keep the inventory at a level that allows us to dispatch an order no later than on the next business day. However, it is not always possible (mainly in the in the height of the motorbike season), hence we reserve a ‘secure’ term of 14 days.
2. In practice, time to delivery does not exceed 14 days from submission to shipping.
3. If you expect faster delivery we recommend you to ask prior to filling your order if the items you want to buy are in stock.
4. We accept no liability for delays attributable to the carrier. In such situations, we can only help you locate you shipment and explain the cause of delay with the carrier.
5. Foreign customers may choose between Polish Mail (only priority shipments) and DPD (courier). Shipments by Polish Mail are not insured and SENTOCOM accepts no liability if they are not delivered or lost. Shipments by DPD are insured up to PLN 2,000.
6. DPD delivers to a majority of European countries. If you have no options to chose from when creating your order this means we deliver only by Polish Mail to the country you have selected.

IV. Returns, Warranty and Complaints

1. By law, if the customer cancels a purchase, the contract between the customer and the seller is deemed never made and the customer is released from any liabilities or obligations provided that the subject product is returned without any modifications within 10 days from purchase – i.e. the customer must not use it, however it may try it but in any case the customer must not screw it to a motorbike.
2. As chrome products are easy to scratch or prone to other mechanical damage of the cover layer, please pay attention – when trying them – to not to put them on concrete surface or against the wall and not to touch other bike components with them, etc. Scratched product cannot be returned cost free.
3. A return should be notified by email or telephone. After the terms are agreed, please send the product to the Company’s address. We do not accept shipments against payment upon receipt. When we receive a returned item, we will check its status and send the money back in the customer’s account. Returned amounts exclude shipment costs. For returns abroad, the customer covers all costs and fees related to the international money transfer.
4. An item that is damaged (by the customer) may be returned after paying a relevant amount to cover the costs of repair – the price depends on the size of the item and the damage.
5. An item can be damaged due to reasons beyond the customer’s control, e.g. the carrier’s fault. In such cases, we replace the product at our own expense, i.e. the customer does not pay for sending the faulty product back and receiving a defect-free replacement.
6. We provide a 12-month warranty for any products. Please keep your purchase document, i.e. receipt or invoice. The warranty excludes mechanical damages or defects resulting from natural wear and tear of components.
7. Costs of repairs under warranty (including domestic shipments) are covered by SENTOCOM. The cost of delivery of a complaint shipment from abroad is covered by the customer.
8. A repair under warranty usually takes 14 days plus the time needed for delivery.


SENTOCOM always strives to settle any issue relating to RoadStyler products in a way that is beneficial to the customer. As we want to maintain friendly relationships with you, we believe a nice talk can do much more than many formal letters.


Best regards,
Andrzej Skiba

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