Something for the kids ... big and small

Rower - hulajnoga dziecięca

One day, my 6-year-old daughter wanted to acquire a mobile gadget called a scooter. So by the strange coincidence, that was when all her friends rode scooters. I guess not everyone realizes how not cool is to ride using small wheels of the generally available vehicles on uneven sidewalks.

And what to do with it? Later, that same day I spotted a beautiful children’s bike in my garage, which ‘asked me’ to be reworked. And so it appeared a great goal for the next few days. Already after a few hours of thinking, the general shape was created. And after less than a week, I made a test drive.

It was worth it … really good fun for the old body.

Later, I focused on the details: the selection of lights, hand grips, colors, foot platforms, etc. As for the platforms: from my friend –a carpenter- I received a piece of board of exotic wood with a slightly pink tint. After milling and painting perfectly it fulfilled its entirety.

Here's the final result

For me, this is undoubtedly one of those little things that makes me happy … and for my daughter too 🙂

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