Welcome to the ‘RoadStyler’ website – the original shop of the producer of the chromed accessories for the classical motorbikes. From 18 years we have been actively involved in production and development of elements which are becoming more and more popular among bikers.

Thanks to you we can continuously enrich our offer by introduction of the latest and more trendy gadgets. We are facing the growing demands of our customers therefore every day we are improving our skills to be finally able to provide you with excellent quality products. Each steel element is perfectly polished and covered by best quality chrome lied on the ground of copper. In order to perform this process we contract services from professional electroplating companies.

Browsing this  website you can find all currently produced elements and accessories. In the meantime we are developing new intriguing items which are to be found exclusively in our shop ! Feel welcome to visit this site in search for the latest releases by RoadStyler.

Note: each of our products can be painted (powder coating in black matt or gloss). The price of chromed or painted item is identical.

Apart from our standard production, we also make elements for special orders. You can see a few last projects in ‘Gallery’ menu.


We also manufacture aluminum and chrome rims for motorcycles – up to a size of 30 inches.

More information can be found >> here <<


RoadStyler is not only components for motorcycles, it is also a complex CNC machines production.

We designed and made a plasma cutter, an automatic lathe, a CNC milling machine and a vibratory polishing machine. For more information, look in the “OUR PROJECTS” menu.


Trademark “RoadStyler” belongs to SENTOCOM company.

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