Hulajnoga Violencrer koła motocyklowe 26 cali

It is the beginning of 2019, motorcycle fairs are approaching, and we have just finished work on the production of the first two aluminum rims. Beautiful, big, shiny, but how to present them? You can make stands and somehow we will manage it. No … not in RoadStyler!
And suddenly there is an idea … let’s make a scooter. A scooter, in which every 26-inch wheel weighs 20kg? It will be super fun.

How did we produce the wheels and how did we make the machines to make them? It has already happened, but you can always recall here and here.

We only had a few weeks to complete the task. The first version of the project assumed a light construction on individual pipes – I would say lace precision work (if this statement suits the scooter-tank). The first bends and welds went smoothly. But it was enough to mount a second wheel in order to find that its weight combined with a long frame construction introduced a lot of vibrations – it just lacked stiffness. And we started to work out how to stiffen it all. It was not easy, but the end result turned out to be better than previously planned.

Time for painting. On a daily basis, we do not deal with paints, so the first steps I directed to the local store with painting equipment. Thanks to the tips I have received, I have chosen the right equipment and paints. We have also built a filtration wall with a suction hood. A few years ago I had the opportunity to participate in the airbrush course with Piotr Parczewski in Elbląg and now the time has come to refresh the knowledge and apply it in practice. At Piotr’s I also bought Candy varnishes – thanks to this, the project came to a slightly higher level than originally assumed. We started painting, wrapping, masking, and again peeling, masking, sticking … the end could not be seen. Fun for big boys.

A few days for the varnish to harden and assembly.

There is also the implementation of “jewelry”, i.e. smaller accessories such as decorative caps on protruding screws.

A few weeks later – we have it. There is power in it … and there is no one who would not pay attention to our new completely enthusiastic project. The scooter is not suitable for long journeys, there is no engine, it is not functional, it cannot be taken to school or parked at Walmart’s, it is also not used to drive nails and weed the garden … but it certainly cannot be accused of lack of grace, riding it releases untamed childhood joy, and the glow that beats from a huge amount of chromium must be visible on the moon.

If your fantasy goes beyond utility schemes, you already have everything and yet you want to once again feel special … this is the equipment for you. Or maybe you want to add splendor to your company, put a scooter in the lobby of your office building … we can personalize your floorboard for you by engraving, for example, your company’s logo …

Price PLN 19.680 (16.000 net) 18.000 (14.634 net)

The scooter and the Fat Bro bike appeared in the video of Marina Luczenko-Szczesna.

See how they present themselves.

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